Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doodad 23

WOW! I did it. I never thought it would happen.
I was pretty vocal about my feeling about 23 Things at the beginning. I was not into it. Way too much reading and writing for me. I want to do, create, experiment, play, not just read and write, and that is what I thought it was going to be. However, once I got into it, I realized it was so much more than that. These Things will allow me, and have allowed me to do, create, experiment, and play. I have enjoyed this process and would definitely participate again.
My journey turned around when I was given the link to a NING. I decided to take a look and realized that there were some pretty good ideas on this NING, and probably on others. Once I started working with MASHUPS I realized it was going to begin to be something I like to do. Then I discovered Mixbook and Wordly. Those were fun and I was able to see the value of these tools in my classroom. I found Voicethread to be very useful and I am excited to use this in many different aspects of my professional life both with the children and on different committees in which I am a member.
As I stated earlier, I would definitely do this again. I have enjoyed the journey and thank everyone who made it possible.

Doodad 22

Click on this link to see my drawing from

I am not sure this is useful since I have a tablet, but it does allow me to draw while I am on the web without converting it to something that allows me to use my pen.

I also played with Storyjumper. I like this one and can see many uses for this with my students. This Web 2.0 tool is somewhat like the others we experimented with because it allows you to take information and present it. I like that the children can create this on their own. I am presently thinking of ways they can use this in science to create a story book about the Ocean animal they choose to investigate their science project. I need to figure out how I can put all the objects I want them to learn in this unit into a lesson that allows them to create a story. I usually have them create a web, but I am going to work on this one. This could be real fun and very informative.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doodad 21

I tweeted last year when my class went to Chicago. It was an experience. I did enjoy it and would do it again. I was not sure if I should sign up with a new account or try to remember my account from last year. I did receive followers for a long time, even though I was not Tweeting. I would get emails telling me that a new person was following me. I had no ideas who these people were.

OK so I did reregister with my ashmichicago Twitter account. The only thing is that is says 09. How do I change that?

I will let you know more at the end of the week.

Doodad 20

This Powerpoint is too cute. I found it in the Education section. I like the use of student work in this Powerpoint. This is the type of presentation I like to create, one that are student generated and created.

This one is appropriate for our 23 THINGS.

I can definitely see where I might use this when I create a Powerpoint that helps children learn a concept and then put that onto the web for them to refer to later.

Also, to show off student work. I would have loved to have this years ago when I used to create the Stations of the Cross in a Powerpoint and it was so difficult to put it up on the web.

Doodad 19

I enjoyed trying the different Podcast sites. I did not like the layout of some of them. I liked the best. It had a section for Education. I listened to the most adorable readings of children's books by young children. They were reading story books that other children could listen to and read along if they choose. Many of the stories were books I read to my children. Good Night Moon is just one I recongnized. The name of the Podcast site was - Bedtime Stories for Kids
This gave me a great idea for those reluctant readers or even children who comprehend better when they listen to someone else reading. Children of their own grade level could record pages, chapters, even whole books, kind of like books on tape.
I have participated in a Podcast, when Cam and I gave a parent coffee about math facts. That was the first of what I think we should be doing more often. I think we should be creating an library of these for parents to refer. They can be on all sorts of topics that help parents raise their children.
There was a Podcast that gave daily prayers and scripture readings done in a very calm voice. I could get into that everyday. But I need to find time to listen to those. :)
Lots of possibilities for Podcasts.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Doodad 18

I tried the first posting (EASY) and was able to do that without any problem.
I was able to register with Wikipedia, and I got into the editing section of the Sacred Heart site, but I did not make any additions. I was afraid that I would make a mistake or add something that was not correct, so I thought I best leave it alone.
The information window that is on the right hand side of the page is overwhelming when you try to edit that. YIKES. I had no ideas what I was doing.
I did not try to edit a different Wikipedia site.

Doodad 17

I see a lot of possibilities for Wikis. The educational Wikis were reader friendly. They showed you exactly what you thought you would see. The ones that were not educational had all sorts of other stuff attached: advertisement, gadgets, etc. I did not spend much time looking at them. They did not interest me.

I see many possibilities for a Wiki. I have always enjoyed creating my own website, so I can think of many ideas.
There was one that a group of 4th graders did on the book Tuck Everlasting and I know we could do something like that with our students in all different subjects. Again, this might be something we could collaborate on with our pen pals in Chicago. Any other ideas?

Doodad 16

Search Engine Marketing, Search Optimization, Search Engine Optimization

See Also

That was fun.
I entered a few different gadgets and then realized I didn't like them so I deleted them. I had seen these earlier in this process, but I was not sure what they were and how you got them.
I saw some of them on other people's blogs and also wondered how they put them into their blog.

I found this weather one on a different site, but I wanted to put it along the side and could not figure that out. I tried the puppies. They were cute, but too big. I tried the calendar and it was too big, as well. I do like the look of it though.

Dino, you know me, I love these types of things so I will keep looking.

Doodad 15

This could be a lot of fun too.
Again, my mind is spinning with ideas in all areas: math, science, religion.
Oh, I am going to have to give this a try with children. There is not enough time in the day to do all the THINGS I am learning. Also not enough computers either!!!!

Doodad 14

Voicethreading has a lot of possibilities, but they all cost money.
I enjoyed seeing the different Voicethreads. The student portfolio, the one about a class trip, the math story problem. WOW, what I think I could do with this.

I see many different opportunties for this, especially for science. The children could take a science topic and teach their classmates about it. Then the children could watch each others and expand their learning. It seems that this would not take as much classtime as personal presentations. The children could work in groups and create a very informative voicethread.

I also see opportunity for our 4th graders to introduce themselves to their penpal prior to our visit. They already email each other, but what a fun way to introduce themselves.

I also see the children creating a storybook voicethread of their trip to Chicago. This could also be done with many of the different activities we do in 4th grade and in the Lower School. Reconciliation is one that comes to mind. WOW lots of possibilities. How do I get a subscription?

I did create a tiny voicethread but I was not sure how to put it into my blog. Oh well, maybe next time.

Doodad 13

Here are few of my favorite YouTubes.
The first one says it all. It is exactly what I think about when I think about what we do each day!!!!
The other two bring back memories of Saturday morning cartoons. Even though I am not a real language person, these cartoon lesson taught me a lot. I certainly learned from them and I am sure our children will.
I am sad that this site of 100 best YouTubes did not have any math links. So I will have to investigate. I will let you know if I find any.

Doodad 12

OK, so my family has been BeFunkified!!!

I have spent way tooooo much time on this THING. I love exploring soooooooo.

I tried to Blabberize but was not successful. Can someone help me?

I tried Glogster EDU but found out I need to pay to subscribe, and then I was done with that site.

I played with the fish jigsaw puzzle and tried to upload my own picture but it did not work. Again, somone help!!!. My 4th graders would like this activity. Especially if it meant something to them.

You know I am a Shutterfly groupie, so MixBook was right up my alley. I started creating a yearbook for the 4th graders. I need to continue. I know parents would love this and they would definitely buy the end product. I wish I could do this on my own, but I know that would cost a lot too.

I love to create my own website that allows me to be as creative as possible, so I tried to make a Weebly, but then again, I found out it required me to pay for a subscription.

Wordle: Hamilton Family

Here was my attempt at a Wordle. Fun, but give me ideas of where I could use this.

OK, enough!! I am exhausted!!

Doodad 11

Delicious is just that. WOW lots of great sites. Just exploring math topics and I was overwhelmed. I found all new sites. I love the British. They have great ideas for children.

I found that you can find the best sites by looking at how many people have tagged that site. And usually that site is a winner.

Oh yes, I will use this. I have all the little buttons on my Internet Explorer and they certainly make it easier to tag sites. I look forward to finding more site, but right now I have to keep moving through the THINGS!!!!

Doodad 10: Mashups

letter S letter T IMG_5533_2 DSC_1100 Red H (New York, NY) IMG_5671_2 n i IMG_5615
My name is toooooo long. But that was challenging. I had a hard time figuring out how to get these letters to my blog. WOW! I can't believe I figured it out.
I did enjoy this. I know my students would enjoy playing with this, but I am not sure what I would use it for.

Doodad 9: OOps Flickr is 9

Obviously, I did not add a picture to my Blog correctly. :( See it is not user friendly for me.
I do not see me using Flickr much because, as I stated earlier, I am much more comfortable with other photo sharing programs. I have used other photosharing programs, such as Shutterfly to share photos of class trips and class activities. Parent enjoy this because they can order pictures of their children. Does anyone have other ideas of how it can be used in the classroom?


This is a test post from flickr, a fancy photo sharing thing.

Doodad 7: I forgot I was not naming them Things

Flickr: Well, I am not real impressed. I have used quite a few photo sharing programs and this does not impress me. My favorite is Shutterfly. First there is not limit to the amount of space you take up. At least I think there isn't. I have never been notified that I have uploaded too much and I have uploaded A LOT. Flickr restricts you to only 100 MB. I also find it easier to navigate and do what I need to do with Shutterfly. I saw that Flickr charges .09 per print. I am not sure which site is cheaper.

Anyway, I will keep trying.

Thing 7: I am making progress

This reminds me of the home pages you get when you subscribe to an internet provider. They have all these gadgets that you have right in front of you. Sure I like the choices and it is convenient, but I like surfing. I chose Pageflakes. I liked the choices they offered better. You know me. It is all about how it looks. How fun can I make it look. I do not want to be stiffled. :)

I added weather in all the different cities where my children reside. I added CNN, ESPN, a few recipes, and iTunes.

It was fun to create, but I like our school homepage as my homepage, so I did not choose to put it as my homepage.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thing 6: Nings Part 2

Here is the link to the blog for the teacher that used Wii in the classroom:

Give it a try.

Thing 6: Nings

OK, so I have not been 23 thinging very much but I was sent a Ning site and discovered its potential. This is the site:

I found some fun activities for math and science.
I read about a teacher using Wii in the classroom to help students learn to order decimals. Along with that I found a site that has some fun math games in which you can use the Wii remote.

I am going to continue to explore, see as how I have 8 days left and 17 thing to go. YIKES!!!!