Friday, April 9, 2010

Doodad 12

OK, so my family has been BeFunkified!!!

I have spent way tooooo much time on this THING. I love exploring soooooooo.

I tried to Blabberize but was not successful. Can someone help me?

I tried Glogster EDU but found out I need to pay to subscribe, and then I was done with that site.

I played with the fish jigsaw puzzle and tried to upload my own picture but it did not work. Again, somone help!!!. My 4th graders would like this activity. Especially if it meant something to them.

You know I am a Shutterfly groupie, so MixBook was right up my alley. I started creating a yearbook for the 4th graders. I need to continue. I know parents would love this and they would definitely buy the end product. I wish I could do this on my own, but I know that would cost a lot too.

I love to create my own website that allows me to be as creative as possible, so I tried to make a Weebly, but then again, I found out it required me to pay for a subscription.

Wordle: Hamilton Family

Here was my attempt at a Wordle. Fun, but give me ideas of where I could use this.

OK, enough!! I am exhausted!!

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  1. Your family...the boys are so grown up! There are free versions of Glogster and Weebly. I have used both free. Here is a SlideShare (Thing 20) of Wordle ideas...