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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Doodad 22

Click on this link to see my drawing from

I am not sure this is useful since I have a tablet, but it does allow me to draw while I am on the web without converting it to something that allows me to use my pen.

I also played with Storyjumper. I like this one and can see many uses for this with my students. This Web 2.0 tool is somewhat like the others we experimented with because it allows you to take information and present it. I like that the children can create this on their own. I am presently thinking of ways they can use this in science to create a story book about the Ocean animal they choose to investigate their science project. I need to figure out how I can put all the objects I want them to learn in this unit into a lesson that allows them to create a story. I usually have them create a web, but I am going to work on this one. This could be real fun and very informative.

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  1. is interesting because you can get the drawing online pretty quick. Good point.