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Friday, April 9, 2010

Thing 7: I am making progress

This reminds me of the home pages you get when you subscribe to an internet provider. They have all these gadgets that you have right in front of you. Sure I like the choices and it is convenient, but I like surfing. I chose Pageflakes. I liked the choices they offered better. You know me. It is all about how it looks. How fun can I make it look. I do not want to be stiffled. :)

I added weather in all the different cities where my children reside. I added CNN, ESPN, a few recipes, and iTunes.

It was fun to create, but I like our school homepage as my homepage, so I did not choose to put it as my homepage.


  1. I have my netvibes page as a second tab - not my main one. I wanted it to come up when I open my internet so I will not forget to visit it.

  2. I think this is actually Thing 8. They are similar, but in Thing 8 I set up my Google Reader. I use this diferently than I do my customized start page.