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Friday, April 9, 2010

Doodad 14

Voicethreading has a lot of possibilities, but they all cost money.
I enjoyed seeing the different Voicethreads. The student portfolio, the one about a class trip, the math story problem. WOW, what I think I could do with this.

I see many different opportunties for this, especially for science. The children could take a science topic and teach their classmates about it. Then the children could watch each others and expand their learning. It seems that this would not take as much classtime as personal presentations. The children could work in groups and create a very informative voicethread.

I also see opportunity for our 4th graders to introduce themselves to their penpal prior to our visit. They already email each other, but what a fun way to introduce themselves.

I also see the children creating a storybook voicethread of their trip to Chicago. This could also be done with many of the different activities we do in 4th grade and in the Lower School. Reconciliation is one that comes to mind. WOW lots of possibilities. How do I get a subscription?

I did create a tiny voicethread but I was not sure how to put it into my blog. Oh well, maybe next time.

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  1. I love the idea of using VoiceThread with the 4th Grade Reconciliation - what a great idea. Yes, there is a paid portion of VoiceThread, but I am pretty sure that we are all using the free version.