Saturday, April 10, 2010

Doodad 19

I enjoyed trying the different Podcast sites. I did not like the layout of some of them. I liked the best. It had a section for Education. I listened to the most adorable readings of children's books by young children. They were reading story books that other children could listen to and read along if they choose. Many of the stories were books I read to my children. Good Night Moon is just one I recongnized. The name of the Podcast site was - Bedtime Stories for Kids
This gave me a great idea for those reluctant readers or even children who comprehend better when they listen to someone else reading. Children of their own grade level could record pages, chapters, even whole books, kind of like books on tape.
I have participated in a Podcast, when Cam and I gave a parent coffee about math facts. That was the first of what I think we should be doing more often. I think we should be creating an library of these for parents to refer. They can be on all sorts of topics that help parents raise their children.
There was a Podcast that gave daily prayers and scripture readings done in a very calm voice. I could get into that everyday. But I need to find time to listen to those. :)
Lots of possibilities for Podcasts.

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  1. I read a book and recorded each chapter for Thing 2's Things. The kids love the fact that I am reading and I truly enjoyed it. You might even find faculty that would enjoy creating an audio library.